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Heavy Steers & Bulls

Live Export Order (Closed) Townsville


  • Weight: 500 – 700 kg
  • Price: $2.80+ GST


  • Weight: 450 – 800 kg
  • Price: $2.70+ GST

Dip: One dip required

Breed: Brahman and slick coated crossbreds

Delivery dates: 2nd – 3rd April 2024

Weigh & Deliver: Reid River Export Yards

All horn to be inside 12cm, tipped, and completely healed. Horns exceeding 12cm to a maximum spread of 60cm will be less 25c/kg.

Must have NLIS device fitted and be accompanied by current NVD (Version 0720), Cat B residency and ACE Vendor Declaration.

Must be slick coated, no skin blemishes and adhere to all ASEL 3.2 Standards. 

Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock – DAFF (

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Delivery Dates

2nd - 3rd April


Reid River Export Yard