Market Reports

Mareeba Sale Report – 13th February 2024

The combined agents yarded approximately 225 head in Mareeba this week. The quality of the yarding was very good, with most cattle coming from the Tablelands and out towards the Chillagoe region. Limited meatwork’s buyers operating today, but there was strong competition across the feeder lines, with one Central Queensland restocker keeping the job fairly strong.

In the fat market, there weren’t as many heavy weight steers on offer compared to last week. These got to a top of 252cents/kg to average approximately 230cents/kg. Quality heavy weight cows made 178cents/kg, to average around 149cents/kg. In the heavy weight bulls, suitable to kill, these got to a top of 220cents/kg, to average 200cents/kg.

In the store market, competition was strong across all lines. Store cows made a top price of 190cents/kg, to average 170cents/kg. The quality in the store steers was good today, with the tops of these getting out to 342cents/kg, to average 310cents/kg, for the 200-300kg weight range. In the yearling steers, 200-300kg weight range, prices also got to 342cents/kg, with an average 290cents/kg. Store mickys saw strong competition across the Brahman lines, with prices getting to a top of 234cents/kg, to average 200cents/kg. The heifers also saw good competition, with the lighter weight yearling heifers getting to a top of 200cents/kg, to average 190cents/kg. In the older heifers, 200-300kg weight range, prices got to 240cents/kg with an average of 200cents/kg.

It was very clear that HGP cattle this week did not attract as much competition as the non-HGP cattle. This is a reflection of what’s happening in the consumer market, with processors penalising HGP cattle or not accepting them at all.